Manager speech

Since establishment, the company adheres to enterprise spirit of “base on sincerity, seek for excellence, treat the customer with sincerity”, and implements One Belt And One Road policy strongly supported by the state at the present stage, takes realizing double improvement of economic benefit and social benefit as the goal to promote sound and integrated development of energy industry. We come down to earth and have the whole world in view with great ambition. Based on Jilin, radiate the whole country, expand to the whole world. Facing the future, we have only one goal: Through our own strength and contribution to the society, use “sincerity and quality” to create remarkable brand of Chinese energy industry, and make private enterprise in Jilin Province world-renowned! We deeply believe that: The maturing Huafeng Energy will lead energy industry to step forward with more steady pace, sense of urgency of time waiting for no man and the sense of mission of no one but me. Adhere to sincerity, open concept, and we would like to make progress together with you and create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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