Enterprise culture

Talent view of enterprise -- the development of enterprise and employee

Employees are the root of enterprises. Hua Feng spirit of "humanization" management concept, the customer satisfaction as an important indicator of the survival and development of enterprises, through continuous training, occupation career design, motivate every employee's enthusiasm and creativity. The company spirit of "virtuous and talented promoted; not only virtuous cultivation and utilization; no German talent firm do not have" the principle of selecting employees, as long as the first enterprise employees, have the satisfaction of customers, employees of customer first, customer return business, enterprise social returns.

(two) the concept of corporate responsibility - sincere to people, strict on things, and constantly innovate, forge ahead

Huafeng with strong strong sense of responsibility, take seriously every customer with the initiative, enthusiasm, service quality, sincere service attitude, actively build a foundation for the continuous development of the company, the company constantly improve their own value.

(three) "to provide customers with quality products, integrity services, in order to meet the growing needs of customers" is our mission.

Companies in the "customer first" philosophy, to provide customers with quality, integrity of the service, and constantly improve the management level of the team, to create a model with the characteristics of the Chinese peak. By providing customers with quality, integrity of the service, to win customers a good reputation, so that we continue to enhance and improve the self.

(four) "the pursuit of excellence, quality management, integrity of the service, and constantly go beyond the self" is the core of our common.

China is committed to creating an excellent, efficient, high-quality management team, pay attention to the cultivation of staff's comprehensive quality, the implementation of 5S management of international fashion company employees in the organization (Structures), which is often used to rectify (Systematise), Chang Qingjie (Sanitise), standard (Standardise) and often self-discipline (Self-discipline).

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