Brief Introduction of the Enterprise

Jilin province huafeng energy group co. LTD, Ltd. is the Jilin provincial government in 2008 approved the establishment of a wholly owned company. The registered capital of RMB ten 16 million. The group is headquartered in Xinglongshan airport bonded area in Jilin province Changchun Road No. 7299 building inspection.

Since the company was established in Inner Mongolia, relying on the formation of the "399" Huolinhe Coal storage base will operate quickly extended to the Yingkou port and Jinzhou port, and the establishment of shipping logistics base of major power company South radiation. On this basis, the company began in 2011, at the seventh session of Chinese Jilin Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo and Mongolia's Department of energy and minerals approached, to carry out mine development cooperation projects with Mongolia's sukhbaatar province. 2012 in the strong support of the provincial government, in the Eighth China Jilin Northeast Asia Investment and trade fair, the official with the Mongolia, such as Le map limited liability company signed a cooperation agreement for 50 years. The project is expected to reach the post natal, capable of providing quality annual coal resources of 10 million tons or more, the annual profit and tax of more than 100 million yuan. Later, because of the influence of the Sino Mongolian relations, although the project ran aground, but still on the 287 square kilometers, proven reserves of 12.6 tons of Iraq as the music retains the map of mining area prospecting and mining rights.

In 2013, the company is bound to get rid of the Sino Mongolian relations, conform to the trend of Sino Russian relations positive, focus on the northeast resource reality began to adjust the company strategy, developing cooperation and planning of coal market in russia. Approved by the Commerce Department of Jilin Province in 2014, started the development of coal mine in the coastal border area of russia. At present, the company has five states and Haba Russian Far East Rufus Oblast, Primorsky Krai and other energy companies signed a cooperation agreement of intent 5 mining areas. The total reserves of the 5 mining areas, the total reserves of over 40 tons. Among them, from Vladivostok, 1 hours drive from the Adams mine, is my company and the Russian rupee tube company jointly established a coal joint stock company to cooperate in the development of our company, which occupies 60% of the shares. The mine is an open pit coal mine, with a total area of 79 square kilometers, reserves of 7.4 tons, with more than 8000 cards of high quality special coal based, can be used for 21 years. The project is divided into three stages, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan. After the completion of the three phase of construction, the annual output of 15 million tons, the total output value of 8 billion 600 million yuan. Officially put into effect after the card Hunchun railway and marine two ways transported to China, on the one hand will greatly ease the shortage of high-quality coal domestic construction industry; on the one hand, will solve the employment problem of 6000 people between the two countries; on the other hand, coal production will be mainly FAW heavy vehicles, heavy vehicles fill the country the export of Russian blank.

The company is expected in October 2015 all signed the remaining four areas of formal cooperation development agreement, and strive to officially launched in 2016. The next step, the company will be favorable opportunity to the general secretary Xi Jinping visit, continue to expand production capacity of coal resources in Russia, non-ferrous metals and oil and gas field development energy project development. In Jilin Province, the full implementation of the development strategy in the process of drawing Changji, actively explore, pilot, as the vanguard.

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